How to deal with a situation: your customer received a wrong size item?

Firstly, you need ask your customer for a picture as proof:

  • You should ask them to take a photo they measure the size of the product with a ruler.
  • For shoes products, we need 3 pictures show: the tag size on the outsole, the length of the insole measured by a ruler, and the item to see the design.

Then, we will check your proof, if it’s wrong size, we will resend or refund depend on your requirement.

Note: with shoe wrong size problems, we can only accept to process a replacement or refund, if you lodge a complaint in 1 month after your customer receive package.


TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND/REPLACEMENT, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT the product was received in the last 7 days for ones shipped from Vietnam/US or 15 days for ones shipped from China. #

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