How to fulfill CSV through email?

PGPrints has 2 ways to fulfill CSV: Fulfiil CSV through APP and fulfill through Email

Way 2: Fulfill CSV through email: Send Excel file through email, upload print files to Google Drive

  1. Sign up here. Then our supporter will take over and support via Telegram. Sellers pay attention to register Telegram account in order to make set up process faster.
  2. Working processing (This process will be sent by our supporter when our supporter receives registration from seller):
  • Sellers send file order according to this form.
    How to name order file: <Customer Code> <STT> <date of sending order>
    For example: P223 01 08082020 (with next orders, STT will be named in ascending order.)
  • Sellers send order file to the mail (with the same title as the order file).
  • With design folders (1 folder including print files and mockup), sellers upload them to PGCom folder vs <Customer Code> -> Designs. Each design corresponds to a unique Design SKU which is uploaded in a separate folder on Google Drive. Name of design folder need to be filled in the similar way to Design SKU in the order file. Design SKU should start with Customer Code and has less than 10 characters.
  • PGCom confirms order file and price by uploading to sheet “Incidents and Payment -> Payment and tracking”. Detail of cost for each order will be uploaded to the exel file in the “Confirmed Order” Folder.
  • Sellers confirm information from PGCom, pay and update payment information (purple strip) in the “Payment Trackings” tab, “Incidents and Payment Trackings” file. Note: Pay for any order file, please note the name of that order file when conducting transaction.
  • PGCom confirms received amount of money and make orders.
  • PGCom sends Tracking file through mail, answer questions.

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